Using This Site

Spirited paths, classroom for Soul Intent Arts, art by Sascha ErniThis information is available as a downloadable document, linked at the bottom of this page.

Upon logging into the site, you should be able to see the course you registered for.

Unless otherwise noted, all Courses begin on the date of purchase.

Most lessons require completion of a quiz in order to complete them. These are always essay questions. Quiz responses are visible only to me.

For quizzes, compose essay responses in a word processor or other app, then copy responses onto the quiz fields. Despite the best technological efforts, there are no guarantees that the ether is going to properly save an originally composed entry on this site. It's best to have a backup in case nargles spirit it away, and so that you can have a record of your experiences.

I must grade your Quiz in order for you to advance to the next Lesson. Work is generally graded within 48 hours of submission.

When all lessons for a course have been completed, from the My Courses page, that course will be listed under Completed Courses. The next course listed under Active Courses will be the next course of study (if you have one).

With self-paced courses, please take the requisite time to complete them. While the material can be covered in minutes, the focus of these courses isn't running through the material, but taking the text information and forming relationships with the subject over time.

Courses that have a downloadable PDF of the lessons may require you to login again to download the file. This is purely a protective measure to keep these files from being indexed by search engines. These PDFs are copyrighted and are intended only for single use of their corresponding course. Thank you for functioning on the trust system and don't share them.

Changing Your Profile and/or Password

If you would like to update your user profile or change your password, you may do so. If you are familiar with WordPress, your login function as a true site login with limited privileges to alter site content, not just access to the courses and forums.  To change your profile or password, go to to enter your current login information.

A black bar appears across the top of the window, indicating that you are logged in with site content privileges. At the top left, wave your mouse over Spirited Paths, and Dashboard drops down beneath it.

Click Dashboard.

Down the left a panel appears. In that panel, click Profile.

Update any information you wish to, including password. Note that once you change your password, no one knows what it is, so be sure to jot it somewhere safe. If you need to reset your password, contact Kelley.

Click the Update Profile button at the bottom, when you are finished.

If you have any questions about the site or your work, contact Kelley. General tech issues should be recorded in the Tech Issues forum.

Initiating and Progressing Through Courses

Download the instructions on this page as a PDF below. Also, following are instructions detailing how to start a Course, access Lessons, and take, complete, and submit Quizzes.


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