Reawakening with the Runes

If intuition is our inner north star, the runes are our reminder to look up.

Learn their guidance with ease

The first thing I learned about the runes was to throw away everything I’d learned about the runes.

That sounds like a contradiction, especially when I’m inviting you to join me for a different kind of rune study.

My first interaction with the runes was through someone else’s interpretation of them, and that interpretation told me they couldn’t be approached any other way. Having come from an upbringing in which gospel was law, I didn’t know any better. I didn’t know I could question that author's authority. All I knew was that I touched the runes and magick tingled through my fingers, though I read the book that came with them and it all fell flat.

It took me a long time to learn that’s because if I’m not in direct relationship with something, it has no resonance for me. If I can’t feel it, I can’t live it. And if I can’t live it, I’m not responding to my calling. You don't have to take a long time to find that relationship. You don't have to stumble through it for years the way I did, and I can help you create that relationship more quickly, effectively, and with personal authority.

'Direct relationship' is a term taken from my animistic experience, and it means I engage with no intermediary. In the experience of animism, all things have a soul, which means they have consciousness and agency.  All things are connected and can communicate. Through that interconnection, I can interact with All Things. In my spiritual practice, it's my job to interact in this way, and bring back the medicine of All Things to what can't reach that medicine on its own, here. There is no catalyst between me and the spirit world. Likewise, there doesn’t need to be a catalyst between you and the runes. You can be in direct relationship with them, in a way that brings your life meaning and purpose.

If intuition is our inner north star, the runes are our reminder to look up. That's why this course is called "Reawakening" with the Runes. The underlying awareness of being connected with All Things is already in you. Learning how to engage that awareness, orient to it in direct relationship through an ancient oracle--that's what's available between you and the runes. That's what this course teaches.

In This Five-week Course,
Through Direct Relationship
with the Runes,

You'll Learn:

  • the cultural story of the runes and how their meanings apply to today
  • the value of resources that support your rune study
  • to read runes as a practical oracle for daily life

By the end of this mini-course you'll have the information, knowledge, and skills to create direct relationship to the runes, to use them in your unique way to clearly access their wise guidance, and to connect through them with the world around you.

How It Works

Shortly after you register for the course, you receive a welcome email. The next day, the first lesson will arrive in your Inbox.

After that, for the next five weeks you receive an email with the new lesson. You don't have to have completed each lesson within a week. If you need to take longer, you can. The next lesson waits for when you're ready. This course is self-paced. Take the time you need with each lesson.

Here's What You'll Learn

Lesson 1 - What are the Runes?

Yggdrasil, by solaroid

In this lesson you'll learn:

  • The history of the runes
  • How the runes situate in Old Norse mythology
  • The significance of initiation and ordeal in rune studies

Lesson 2 - Knowing Your Resources

In this lesson you'll expand on personal experience of initiation and learn:

  • The need for support in your rune study
  • What roles should be represented in that support
  • The rune meanings and pronunciations

Lesson 3 - Acquiring the Runes

In this lesson you'll draw on your resources to learn:

  • How to make a rune set
  • How to purchase an ethically crafted rune set
  • Care and feeding of your rune set

Lesson 4 - Forming Intentions

In this lesson you'll draw on your relationship with the runes and learn:

  • Components of an intention
  • Proper energy hygiene for divination
  • To phrase intentions for meaningful results

Lesson 5 - Reading the Runes

In this lesson you'll draw on your ability to set intentions and learn:

  • The difference between casts, spreads, and draws
  • The meaning of rune positions
  • Components of an effective rune reading

I’m Kelley Harrell, and I believe we can do better.

I believe we all share the calling to be fit, embodied elders, who upon death become wise, capable Ancestors. To fulfill that calling, we must respond at a soul level. Through deep animistic connection, I teach others to find their unique spiritual paths in support of their quiet dead, healed ancestors, fellow humans, and peaceful coexistence with the spirits of the land they live on.

I’m an author, lifelong intuitive, and deathwalker, living in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina.  Through Soul Intent Arts, I’ve worked with a local and international client base since 2000. I hold a Masters in Religious Studies, and am an ordained interfaith minister. My work is Nature-based, and is focused through animism, Seiðr, Druidry, ancestral healing, and deathwork. I work closely with the Elder Futhark runes and divine Nature Spirits of eastern North Carolina.  Assisted by loblollies, Bermuda grass, sidewalks, and my Ancestors, my work emphasizes social justice through sacred activism. I remain vigorously involved with the worlds in and around me.

To learn more about my work, read The Weekly Rune, and listen to my podcast, What in the Wyrd.

Soul Intent Arts--Ancient Healing, Modern Shamanism, with S. Kelley Harrell, in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina

Course Bonus

Because I so passionately believe in the relevance of the runes for modern seekers, I'm including a bonus lesson at the conclusion of Reawakening with the Runes. This bonus gem teaches you how to fully invoke the spirit of the runes, and how to form direct relationship with this timeless life force.

Connecting to the runes as an ally brings lifelong support, wisdom, and guidance. It also affirms you as a devout bearer of that ancient spirit to a modern time.

Self-paced, Community-based

Self-paced study doesn't have to mean going it alone. Reawakening with the Runes begins on your own time, as you choose. Though it's a self-directed study doesn't mean you have to go it alone. The runes are a living tradition. They are spoken, social, and engaging, thus are intended to be shared in communal sacred space. I have created that space for you in a private online community, which you are free to join as you progress through the course.

In the group you will receive the support of others as they progress through the course, the wisdom of those who have completed it, the opportunity to ask questions in live sessions with me, and a safe place to practice rune readings and engage in conversation.

Full instructions on how to join this community are included in the course lessons.

Register now for Reawakening with the Runes for only $35. This price includes all of the above five lessons,  the runes table (ie, my cheat sheet), sample rune readings,  private community access, engagement directly with me, and the bonus lesson on invoking the runes.

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