Ritual, Ceremony, and Cosmology

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Ritual, Ceremony, and Cosmology

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This experiential Course is designed to impart an understanding of the distinction between ritual and ceremony, understanding the significance of cosmology in shamanic journeying, how to create both, and specifically how to create sacred space for the purpose of shamanic journey.


This six-week experiential course distinguishes between ritual and ceremony, teaches the significance of cosmology in animistic worldview, how to create rituals and ceremonies, and how to create sacred space for the purpose of ecstatic trance and sacred activism. This course doesn't inspire a method for creating ritual and ceremony, but a relationship to creating them, from which method develops. The way we engage Other will be unique to each of us. Cultivating that relationship takes time and effort. For that reason, lessons in this course arrive bi-weekly (every two weeks). It's better to take your time and arrive at conclusions that further your path than to rush through and not internalize the material.

This course also includes light mentoring by Kelley.

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