What Is Modern Shamanism?

What Is Modern Shamanism?

As modern mystics, we can't claim paths that aren't our lineage. We can't claim titles that don't describe our lineage. Yet the call persists to walk between worlds visits, regardless of ancestry, and without proper terminology. How then, do we create an authentic path without disrespecting those that came before? Without harming traditional paths that are thriving, now?

By educating ourselves.

By healing our shit, our ancestral wounds and misdeeds.

By finding the spiritual where you stand.

Shamanism is where you stand.
It isn't another place, culture, or time.
You're already on the path.
Learn to be in direct relationship with it, now.

Learn About Life Between

In the Spirited Paths course, Introduction to Modern Shamanism, learn the history of shamanism, where it came from, its contemporary significance, and if the path unfolds to you. This course covers psychological, gender, and religious perspectives on shamanism, as well as cultural appropriation, ethics, and how colonization altered our spiritual relationships. This course also sheds light on life lived walking between worlds.

Also, learn more about modern Soul Tending in real-life application in my column, Life Betwixt.

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