What Is Modern Shamanism?

What Is Modern Shamanism?

As modern mystics, we can’t claim paths that aren’t our lineage.

We can’t claim titles that don’t describe our lineage.

Yet the call persists to walk between worlds, regardless of ancestry, and without proper terminology. For us, shamanism is a broken path,  and the New Age has imparted the only way to return to ancient lineages of Soul Tending is through the exploitation of intact cultures.

No.  It’s wrong to approach it that way, it’s harmful to indigenous people, and it perpetuates ancestral wounds and systemic injustice.

We can create an ethical, authentic path without disrespecting those who came before. We can engage our own spiritual paths without harming thriving traditional paths.  How?

By educating ourselves.

By healing our personal shit, our ancestral wounds and misdeeds.

By tending the spiritual where you stand. That is sacred activism.

Shamanism is where you stand.
It isn’t another place, culture, or time.
You’re already on the path.
You can be in direct relationship with it, now, and I can teach you how to ethically build your own thriving spiritual path, while honoring that of others.
Located in North Carolina, my work is Nature-based and animistic. I can teach you to find your unique spiritual path in support of your ancestral and spiritual truths in support of your quiet dead, connect to the spirits of the land you live on, and to emphasize social justice through sacred activism.

I offer private sessionsmentorship, a modern Soul Tending intensive, The Spirited Path, as well as ongoing support to help you stand as a fit elder, and become a fit Ancestor. Through rooting into relationship with your Ancestors and Nature Allies, we create your personal experience of animism, and if called, initiate into your experience of Soul Tending.

Learn About Life Between

In the Spirited Paths course, Introduction to Modern Shamanism, learn the history of shamanism, where it came from, its contemporary significance, and if the path unfolds to you. This course covers psychological, gender, and religious perspectives on shamanism, as well as cultural appropriation, ethics, and how colonization altered our spiritual relationships. This course also sheds light on life lived walking between worlds.

Also, learn more about modern Soul Tending in real-life application in my column, Life Betwixt.

About Intro to Modern Shamanism

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