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  • Reclaiming the Runes

    by skelleyh 10 Lessons in

    Reclaiming the Runes: Putting the elder back in 'futhark.' Taught by Kelley Harrell, at Spirited Paths Soul Intent Arts

    Putting the 'elder' back in futhark. The Reclaiming the Runes Intensive offers a primer on the runes as an alphabet, and as a system of storytelling, timekeeping, and divination. It is your opportunity to create your relationship to the runes. Often the runes are erroneously compared to the tarot. Next to the lush art and vivid imagery of today's decks, the runes come up short. Modern concepts on the staves have distilled them to one-word meanings, omitting their rich cultural backdrop and archetypal narrative. Reclaiming the Runes teaches their story in as full a context as possible, and instructs on how to work with them as a personal tool for growth, and a facilitator of gaining insight for others.

  • Reawakening with the Runes, Mini-Course

    by skelleyh 0 Lessons in

    Reawakening the Runes 5-Week Mini Course - Create direct personal relationship to the runes through understanding their cultural context, learning their meanings, acquiring a rune set, and using them as a practical oracle for daily life. Get the Full Details, or Register Now.