The Spirited Path – Modern Soul Tending Intensive

Soul Tending Intensive and Self-Paced Mentorship

The Spirited Path is an Intensive in modern soul tending. Initiates completing this Intensive agree to:

  • Practice thorough and mature self-care to the best of their ability.
  • Provide a community of support to other Initiates, in which they relate professionally with one another. This support includes resolving conflicts directly with each other, collaborating for the well-being of clients or to further soul work, and continuously working to sustain the integrity of the Initiate community.
  • Honor self, other Initiates, and clients with respect to religion, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, relationship status, and socio-economic background, and to work from an awareness of the ongoing need for social justice. Honor includes deferring to the lived experience of indigenous and people of color regarding issues of cultural appropriation and racism, and deferring to the lived experience of women regarding sexism and misogyny.
  • Honor all beings, including the spirits of natural elements, place, systems, thoughtforms, humans, states of being, etc.
  • Support the interconnectedness and interdependency of All Things
  • Continue and deepen their relationships with immediate animistic communities, as well as personal Ancestors, with the understanding that this work has no end and brings planetary benefit.
  • Honor the limitations of soul healing, and when appropriate, refer clients to other qualified professionals, such as medical doctors, therapists, and clergy.
  • Charge as they feel led for their time, while honoring issues of privilege and access.
  • Work only with the express consent of clients (or fellow Initiates). With regard to deathwalking, Initiates seek to acquire explicit consent where possible, yet respond where needed.
  • Complete Initiations set for and by self, by the Ancestors.
  • Serve to community.
  • Remain teachable.

About The Spirited Path Intensive

This Intensive is conducted as a self-paced private mentorship, which requires involvement in group sessions with other Initiates. Admissions open every January and July. The schedule is custom fitted to your needs and goals. Likewise, financial concerns are taken into consideration. Because it is self-paced, the time to complete the coursework varies. Expect it to take about two-and-a-half years. For this reason, coursework is broken down into seasons, suited to individual pacing. A regular interval for mentoring sessions will be mutually agreed upon, in addition to timing for class and experiential work.

All engaged in this Intensive are required to participate in Sharing Sessions, which are Initiate peer witnessing sessions that meet every three weeks via web conference. If you are local, in-person coursework and mentoring sessions can be arranged.
Spiritual Mentoring is at my discretion. Contact me to learn more.


As most westerners walk broken spiritual paths, we cannot claim animistic or shamanic traditions that went before us as our own. Neither can we claim the titles of those paths. We can, however, respond to our own calling and create our own way, authentic to how we live and engage, without disparaging ancient paths, the people or practices of traditional shamanism, or indigenous cultures. We can soul tend where we stand.

I don't teach a brand of soul tending. I don't teach a path of shamanism. I teach you how to find your path of spirituality, and ground the teachings you receive into everyday life with sustainable passion and wisdom, in community. No titles are bestowed by me or this coursework. This coursework implements an A-Z intensive of everything I can impart, to form your own approach to modern soul tending and bring it to the world. Through this work you accept and engage the collective calling to be a fit, embodied elder, and to upon death become a wise, capable Ancestor. 

Shamanism is where you stand.
It isn't another place, culture, or time.
You're already on the path.
Learn to be in direct relationship with it, now.

In my years of teaching soul  tending and working with others, what's missing in the modern path are clear rites of passage into elderhood and support within community--learning soul tending and sustaining that work, in community. Likewise, shamanism is often taught as a self-healing modality, which it is not. In order to stand in service to community, to determine our duty to this planet and each other, we must complete our personal initiations, so that we understand our calling. This Intensive fosters nothing less. As such participation in the Intensive community is required. This means following rules of group conduct, as well as agreeing to basic principles of our community.

Soul tending is embracing the fullest range of the human-person experience among the infinite network of other-persons doing the same. Through direct relationship with the soul allies of Nature, this Intensive provides not only an approach to ground your personal experience and teaching into a unique soul tending path, it does so through deepening your relationship with Nature, and with the support and insight of community.

This coursework is intended for those driven to work in some capacity of service to community in the role of soul tender. It is not intended as self-work.

I am not fond of our cultural reliance on certifications, which is why I'm not overtly offering one. At this point in my path, my work stands on its own merit, or it doesn't, and I'm comfortable with that. If you desire a lovely writ of completion at the end of the second season, we can discuss it.

This coursework is everything I know about soul tending and world approaches to ethical shamanism, responsible animism, working with others as a facilitator of soul awareness, elderhood, ancestral responsibility, sacred activism, healing, personal duty, and planetary responsibility. If you want to study a set methodology in shamanism, this is not the approach for you. I am not the mentor for you. Candidates for this Intensive are confident in learning techniques that draw on bringing their innate wisdom to the world in a way that is ethical and unique to them, and are driven to bring that principle forward for others to do the same.


Material is slated for an extended immersion in both coursework and community (which takes most students about two-and-a-half years), with continued peer and supervisory support, following indefinitely. This Intensive consists of regular studies in a hybrid classroom, personal mentoring, group interaction, and homework with the intention of building skills to work with others. Candidates for this work are comfortable with live online classes and mentoring sessions, pre-recorded material, turning in assignments online, and keeping themselves on task with the rest of the group.  The time commitment will be strict, with topics building on each other month-to-month.

As the time commitment is dependent on personal pacing, it is broken into seasons of study:

  • Season One coursework includes a growing understanding of the history of shamanism, cultural appropriation, creating rituals, totemism, implementing personal cosmology, working with fetishes, and the significance of modern animism.
  • Season Two coursework encompasses ecstatic journeying, working with oracles, etheric self-care, tracking, shapeshifting, and understanding and implementing your personal animistic relationship to the world. The first two seasons teach all the basics, and requires your participation in community.
  • Season Two builds on ecstatic journeying, working with oracles, etheric self-care, soul tracking, and understanding your personal animistic relationship to the world.
  • Season Three coursework includes engaging the Healing Story, basic energy healing, deathwalking, and ancestral engagement.
  • Season Four coursework focuses on Soul Retrieval, engaging calling, the role of and responsiblity to community, all with an intense emphasis on ethics. The final seasons are focused on refinement of basic skills and applying them to diverse dynamics, and requires your participation in community.

Beyond the Intensive/Mentorship  focuses on continuation of regular Sharing Sessions in the form of supervision, peer support of animism in the everyday, developing leadership skills in the community, and creating a clear path to personal elderhood. A strong emphasis on Ancestral engagement and working closely with local Nature Spirits sustains beyond the Intensive. Beyond the four seasons, the focus is personal support, accountability, and supervision on this path.

Time Commitment

Expect to devote 24-28 hours a month to studies. Plan for 1-2 hours in class/mentoring sessions per month (depending on how you pace yourself); 1-2 hours in Sharing Sessions (2-4 hours for Second Season Initiates), and at least 4-6 hours per week exploring on your own, engaging our community, and fulfilling assignments.

Initiates are expected to participate and engage with each other regularly in and outside of class to complete assignments, and to provide support for each other. The ability to share openly and deeply of your personal experiences is required. Our ability to do the work we're here to do relies on the medicine of community. Without it, our personal lives are challenged, and our work is limited.

If you have taken classes on this work with Soul Intent Arts prior, you will still be required to complete them again, for your own benefit, and because co-Initiates will benefit from your experience with various techniques.

This Intensive encompasses one-on-one mentoring, in addition to community interaction. Mentoring includes helping you frame the work in the way that helps you progress along your personal path, not just the Intensive requirements. Mentoring comes in the form of witnessing and supporting, and giving you ways to engage the work in a way that best suits your needs and path. Soul tending work done with me is beyond the scope of mentoring, and Initiates will receive 20% off all private sessions with me for the duration of the Intensive, as well as the ad-free The Weekly Rune.

Contact Kelley to discuss participating in this initiatory Intensive.


If you choose to pay upfront for the season, fees are as follows:

Season One Courses and Mentoring $2700.00

Season Two Courses and Mentoring $2700.00

There are several ways to make payment compatible for you; fees and the pacing of the Intensive can be scaled to manageable increments paid over time ($210/mo). Please don't hesitate to discuss suitable financial arrangements with me.  You still receive personal mentoring and Sharing Session access, regardless of the approach taken. Contact me for details.

Post-Intensive Supervision $600/year

Classes already taken -$50.00 each class, for Season One, only. These discounts do not apply to subsequent seasons or Sharing Sessions.  Contact Kelley to verify previous classes taken.

If you decide this work isn't for you, no refunds are given on amounts paid. 

  • To be actively involved, engaged, and supportive of self and other initiates, in and out of class
  • To openly and deeply share your personal experiences
  • Multi-year commitment to self, me, and other Initiates
  • Accountability to self, me, and other Initiates
  • Technical accountability on systems used
  • Daily homework, including journaling and ecstatic journeying
  • Regular homework, including artwork, essays, and interaction with classmates outside class
  • Pleasantly serving as client for advanced Initiates, and willingness to practice techniques with other Initiates

Ability and willingness to:

  • turn in assignments weekly via email
  • upload scanned items, or upload photos taken with a mobile device
  • communicate via mobile apps
  • engage in live video teleconferences, or in-person sessions, and possibly with other students outside class, as needed

Feel free to contact Kelley with questions.

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