Self-Paced Study and Classes

Soul Intent Arts self-paced studyThe following self-paced classes are offered as independent study with light mentorship. They are email-based, meaning all lessons are delivered on a timed schedule, straight to your Inbox. Classes generally take 4-8 weeks to complete, depending on the topic.  Class durations are noted below.

Contact Kelley with questions about courses, and for information on alternative financial arrangements and student discounts. Student Discounts apply only to individual self-paced studies courses, with verification of current school registration.

Please note that every class I teach touches on cultural appropriation, ownership of cultural oppression, and how your spiritual studies are acts of social justice.

  • Introduction to Modern Shamanism - Six-week class with straight-talking boots-on-the-ground discussion of shamanism that not enough people are having. It provides a survey of the history, philosophies, challenges, and roles in traditional and modern shamanism. Covers topics such as cultural appropriation, traditional vs modern shamanism, psychological perspectives of shamanism, and what it's like to be a modern shaman. This course is required for all other Shamanic Classes at Soul Intent Arts. Register now.
  • Ritual, Ceremony, and Cosmology - Six-week mentored class, examining the criteria of ritual and honing the preparatory journey process. Introduction to Modern Shamanism is the prerequisite for this class.
  • Totemism, Nature Spirits, and nature Allies - Eight-week mentored survey of the distinctions between Nature Spirits, and how our relationship to them affects our lives, and our community. Introduction to Modern Shamanism is the prerequisite for this class.
  • Introduction to Animism (Middle World) - Seven-week mentored course exploring animism, why it was disrupted, how we can re-engage it, and why we should. Introduction to Modern Shamanism is the prerequisite for this class.
  • Reawakening with the Runes - Five-week, lightly mentored, lightly experiential mini-course based in creating direct personal relationship to the runes through understanding their cultural context, learning their meanings, acquiring a rune set, and using them as a practical oracle for daily life. Get the full details, or Register now.

How It Works

Shortly after you register for your course, you receive a welcome email. The next day, the first lesson will arrive in your Inbox.

After that, for the course duration you receive an email with the new lesson. You don't have to have completed each lesson within a week. If you need to take longer, you can. The next lesson waits for when you're ready. This course is self-paced. Take the time you need with each lesson.

Refer to The Spirited Path Intensive for details self-paced shamanic mentorship.

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