Shamanism  and Runic Resources

Why Shamanism Now Podcast by Christina Pratt


What in the Wyrd Podast by Kelley Harrell

Everyday Animism Podcast by Kelley Harrell, Janet Roper, and Brandice Schnabel

Around Grandfather Fire Podcast by James Stoveall and Sarenth Odinsson

Jackson Crawford, Old Norse Youtube series

Intentional Insights Life Betwixt by Kelley Harrell

Jaguar and the Owl Podcast by James Stovall

North Tradition Shamanism - Raven Kaldera

Care and Feeding of Your Ritual Costume
The Care and Feeding of Your Totem Animal Dance Costume

Barter vs Free vs Fixed-Cost Shamanism

US Animal Parts Laws

Animal Parts Laws

Ritual Gear

Totem Art

Totem Art

The Legality of Feathers