Reclaiming the Runes

Putting the 'elder' back in 'futhark'

The Reclaiming the Runes Intensive offers a primer on the runes as a sonic force,  an alphabet, and as a system of storytelling, timekeeping, and divination. It is your opportunity to learn the Old Norse cultural and cosmological significances in the Elder Futhark, the meaning of each rune, and how to work with them as an oracle and calendar. With this course, you get to create your relationship to the runes.

Putting the 'elder' what?

Reclaiming the Runes: Putting the elder back in 'futhark.' Taught by Kelley Harrell, at Spirited Paths Soul Intent Arts,I know, it's bold. But I wanted to get your attention.

Everything is a rune now. Every sigil inked into body slogans, every exotic symbol flashed in the background of fortune-telling apps, yet grounded, meaningful study of the original runic system isn't easy to find. That's why I created an Intensive devoted not just to teaching the Elder Futhark in its historic and cultural context, also how to bring that narrative into modern life and find meaning through it, ongoing.

Often the runes are erroneously compared to the tarot. Next to the lush art and vivid imagery of today's decks the runes come up short, and this bothers me. Modern concepts on the staves have distilled them to one-word meanings or simple catch-phrases, omitting their rich cultural backdrop and archetypal narrative. There are worlds in these staves, with gods, goddesses, giants, dwarves--even elves! You'd never know it from the way the runes have been sanitized into contemporary study.  Reclaiming the Runes teaches their story in as full a historic, cultural, and cosmological (is that a word?) context as possible, and instructs on how to work with them as a personal tool for growth, and a facilitator of gaining insight for others.

Self-paced Study?

A one-year commitment, this Intensive is fully automated online and delivered straight to your Inbox, is self-paced and lightly mentored via email and other outlets, as needed. You may begin Reclaiming the Runes whenever you like, and go at your own pace.  You can also contact Kelley via email anytime with questions, insights, or just to talk through a component of study.

Items useful for completion of this Intensive:

  • your own set of Elder Futhark runes
  • pen and journal, or digital device for keeping a rune journalSoul Intent Arts - Runes, art, and books on Etsy
  • a quiet comfortable space to do your classwork, some place without interruptions
  • access to email and capability for chatting

Please consult the Reading List to broaden and further support your studies of the runes.

Contact Kelley with questions and insights.

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